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Targeted Exercise for Thighs and Butt Essay - 676 Words

Moderately Easy Things Youll Need Introduction Targeted exercise can tone and shape your buttocks. Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images Spot reducing fat from your thighs isnt possible. The only way to slim down flabby upper legs is by losing fat from your entire body. (See References 1) Diet and exercise can help create the caloric deficit thats needed to achieve this. hen your overall body fat reduces, your thighs will also budge. This doesnt mean that you have to settle for a flat, shapeless rear end. Sure, you might lose excess fat from your tush, but by doing targeted exercises, you can work your glutes, and maintain a shapely, toned rear end. Step 1 Aim for gradual weight loss at a weekly rate of 1 to 2 pounds. According to†¦show more content†¦Strength training stimulates muscle tissue throughout your entire body. Muscle tissue boost your resting metabolic rate, so you burn calories even when youre watching TV or sleeping. It also takes up less space than fat, and adds definition to your muscles, so when excess body fat reduces, youll have a slimmer, but toned physique. (See References 5) In addition to your legs and butt, also work your chest, back, abdomen, arms, and shoulders. Include exercises, such as bench presses, crunches, pushups, bent-over rows, and lat pull-downs. Step 5 Include targeted leg and butt exercises in your strength-training routine. Perform exercises that engage multiple joints and multiple muscles for optimal muscle stimulation and caloric burn. Do exercises, such as dead lifts, front and back squats, and wall squats. (See References 6) Also include step-ups, lunges, and hip extensions on all fours, which according to research by the American Council on Exercise, are some of the most effective exercises for your glutes. (See References 7) Tips During strength training, work your way up to finishing two to three sets of eight to 12 reps. Always use enough resistance so that you cant do another repetition with perfect form after finishing a set. (See References 3) Slowly increase the resistance as your muscles get stronger; always challenge yourself. Warnings Get your doctors consent before starting a diet or exercise regimen, especially if you have an injury or health condition,Show MoreRelatedSteps to Reducing Body Fat749 Words   |  3 Pageswomen often consider their rear end and thighs a problem area. Only doing targeted exercises, such as lunges and squats, to reduce the excess fat, isnt effective, because spot reducing fat isnt possible. (See References 1, p. 140) However, incorporating targeted exercises in a weight-loss routine, that includes a sensible diet, cardio and full-body strength training, can incur a caloric deficit that slims down your whole body including that undesired butt and leg fat. Step 1 Reduce your caloricRead MoreHow to Get Rid of Cellulite in a Safe and Easy Way Essay980 Words   |  4 Pagesfor a deficiency on it leads to dehydration and poor skin turgor. Drinking water 8-10 glasses a day is helpful enough in providing the body systems the needed daily fluid requirement. †¢ Exercise – being active and mobile is one way of trimming down fats that are stored on unlikely places. Thus, doing exercise helps in minimizing the appearance of cellulites especially the spots where the markings are much visible. †¢ Avoid UV exposure – the sun may give the needed nutrients in the body but longRead MoreA Kinesiological Analysis of the Barbell Squat1400 Words   |  22 Pagesto keep your knees over your toes at all times to stay inline. You also want to have Your heels directly under the bar. B. Application of force-first phase In a controlled manner slowly lower yourself (hips and butt first) down till knees and Hips form a 90 degree angle and thighs are parallel to floor. When desending it is important To keep back very slightly arched. C. Application of force-second phase (power phase) In this phase the most power is generated because the legs are pushing againstRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography On Text Copyright8931 Words   |  36 Pagespractices, implications, and so much more. According to studies there are several health benefits to an active sex life. For example, men who have sex at least twice a weak lower their risks of heart failure. Not to mention that sex is a very complete exercise to help you burn calories. The desire of sex makes the body release a series of hormones that makes us feel very comfortable and euphoric. It is also a good pain killer. Men and women who have frequent sex are happier than those that engage into

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Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for General Ielts Essay Topics

Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for General Ielts Essay Topics If there were easy-to-reach neighborhood sports centres, we'd be more inclined to make exercise a normal part of our lives, rather than simply collapsing facing a screen every evening. There are a lot of reasons that mean that recycling isn't done as effectively as it could, the principal problem being the attitude of the overall public. There are those who surmise that free wellness system shouldn't be given to everyone because the populace needs to be accountable for their own wellness. To begin with, the objective of a part of advertisement is to deliver key information of a product to the general public. The Benefits of General Ielts Essay Topics You simply have to fully deal with all sections of the job. While planning you generate ideas and if you're well conscious of IELTS writing task 2 types, you can choose the ideal structure too. One of the most difficult parts of writing an overall statement, is corre ctly identifying the principal topic. Ielts writing task two topic. Although there's a consistent essay formula which will help you to structure your essay and paragraphs, you will need to take note of the various varieties of essay questions there are. The markers are also on the lookout for a bit of writing in which the paragraphs are logically connected so you've got to make sure to use the right linking words. The very first task is the point where the candidates should write a letter, and the second task is the point where the candidates have to compose an essay based on a particular topic. It is crucial that you fully understand the questions, particularly for task 2, the essay. So be certain you are aware of what the true topic is before you get started writing. Finding a band 9 score could possibly be hard, however, odds are only readily available to the essay you're likely to write is in fact the word-based. Moreover, some people are inclined to believe everything they read on the net and don't think whether it's true or not. Other individuals feel that it's important to rest the mind during leisure time. All people ought to be vegetarian. Nowadays they use social media to keep in touch with others and be aware of the news. A Startling Fact about General Ielts Essay Topics Uncovered Explain why some students are made to leave school as soon as they are sixteen. In many natio ns, schools have severe issues with student behaviour. Students lead busy lives and frequently forget about an approaching deadline. Likewise don't forget that every student differs and creative approaches can likewise be highly helpful. For the overall training test, you're going to be requested to compose a letter on a particular subject. Accordingly, you recognize precisely about the sentences and the precise place to incorporate the ideal idea. For this reason, you cannot learn an incredible sentence that you're able to insert into an essay, since it is very unlikely that you're going to be capable of using it in your unique question which you have on the day of your test. What's more, if you plan well, you would become accustomed to analyzing each sentence when writing and just 3 minutes will be sufficient for a last review at the end. Lies You've Been Told About General Ielts Essay Topics If you're prepping for the IELTS essay, you will learn just what I mean. If you' ve finished your studies, are searching for work or are a professional, IELTS may also serve you. A whole lot of men and women wish to understand whether IELTS is the most suitable selection for them to go with or PTE. IELTS isn't an asset for students. If don't have any idea what an IELTS essay appears like or will need to increase your writing skills you're in the proper spot. If you are really an IELTS 7, they ought to make sure that you have the opportunity to show them! IELTS speaking isn't an academic test. The majority of the test takers that are appearing for the IELTS general test frequently have a doubt about the format and the structure for writing an official letter. In 140 countries, you're going to be in a position to utilize your IELTS score to certify your degree of English. It's normal to fail IELTS many times. The IELTS permits you to differentiate yourself, especially if you're searching for a job, or whether you are competing for a promotion for example. You need to generate ideas during the test and produce examples from your own wisdom and experience. So, by building a plan be sure you answer all the questions! Don't spend an excessive amount of time on the most troublesome questions, it is best to allow yourself enough time to fix the 30 easier ones. The adversity regarding the inordinate amount of time spent by young ones on playing video games has been a problem in the modern generation.

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An Analysis of the soundtrack from “The Girl Can’t Help It” Free Essays

string(91) " memorable because the scene is structured to give a great deal of attention to the music\." The Girl Can’t Help It was released in 1956, and was directed, produced and mainly written by Frank Tashlin, who was formally a Looney Tunes auteur. The film is a classic Hollywood comedy, which broadcasts a musical line-up of mostly contemporary teen-favoured rock hits set against a narrative background of the popular music industry. The storyline follows the scenario of a backstage musical where an alcoholic press agent Tom Miller (Tom Ewell) is ordered by former mobster Fats Murdoch (Edmund O’Brien) to turn girlfriend Jerry Ann (Jayne Mansfield) into a pop music sensation. We will write a custom essay sample on An Analysis of the soundtrack from â€Å"The Girl Can’t Help It† or any similar topic only for you Order Now Tashlin uses the film music in such a way that it shows clear cartoon like traits; these will be explored in greater depth along with a look at the main characteristics that the soundtrack provides for the film. Anahid Kassabin suggests that most music in narrative film functions to create a mood (2001, p. 56). The film’s musical references are made up of both composed and compiled scores; both donate to the mood of the scene. The composed score is non-diegetic and in this instance it does not compete or interfere with the spoken voices. Claudia Gorbman supplements this by suggesting there is ‘subordination’ to a story. Subordination means ‘classic narrative sound’ films are constructed in such a way that the spectator often does not consciously hear the film score. This is based on the idea that the spectators’ attention is focused on the narrative events in the film. (1997, p. 31) However there is still a reason why composed scores are used. In this case they create an atmosphere which makes it easy for the audience to relax, it also guides them on what direction the mood of the film is going and also how they should be feeling. The compiled score operates quite differently; the music is diegetic and it mainly functions as an insight into rock ‘n’ roll of the fifties. The mass of compiled music is one of the main attractions of the film and also acts as a narrative; this will be discussed in greater detail later. The music also identifies the film in terms of era and location with the presence of the band or singer in most musical compiled scenes. The film starts with one of the main characters (Tom Miller) in evening clothes appearing in the centre of a shrunken screen. The picture is in black and white with a composed score in the background, which stops as the narrator starts to speak. As the narrator tells the viewers that this is to be â€Å"a story about music,† the music begins again, â€Å"but first†, the narrator stresses â€Å"this was photographed in the grandeuer of Cinemascope†¦ † the narrator pauses, expecting the screen to expand, as he does, the music copies. He then sighs and takes it upon himself to flick the screen into widescreen, and the music ‘mickey-mouse’s’ his actions with sound effects. He then carries on his speech, as does the music, and he continues to say â€Å"†¦ n gorgeous lifelike colour by Delux. † The narrator and the music then pause, waiting as the screen turns to colour contrasts. Kassabian makes the conclusion that composers consider music as background to dialogue and should be kept simple, subtle, and soft. However she also argues it depends on the importance of the dialogue to the film. (2001, p. 55) In this opening narrative scene the composed music is imitating the speech of the narrator. Miller often pauses to stress fairytale technical difficulties, whilst consciously (but supposedly unknown to the audience) boasting their new technical advances. Hanns Eisler argues how film music was forced to serve as what he identified as ‘hyper-explicit’ illustrative function, where two or more happenings such as image, music, sound effects, and dialogue may mimic each other. (Cited in Flinn, 1992, p. 34) Rudolf Arnheim has labelled this as â€Å"paralleling†. An extreme example of this is ‘mickey-mousing’ a technique that, as the name suggests, appears frequently in animated films. (Cited in Flinn, 1992, p. 34) In this scene the classical music mimics the character as it would in a cartoon. The narrator continues to inform the audience that the picture is about contemporary music, expressing â€Å"the culture, the refinement, the polite grace and the present day†¦ † the camera pans to a lit jukebox as Little Richard’s title song, â€Å"The Girl Can’t Help It,† (1956) blares, drowning out his remarks. The opener praises and mocks new conventions in one brief sequence. Throughout the film, new versus vis-a-vis values, lifestyles and music are the sequence. The story begins with the ever present musical accompaniment and the heavy drinking agent, Tom Miller, who spends a lot of time in night spots listening to rock acts. He receives an invitation by Fats Murdock which he accepts. In order to elevate himself into newsworthiness, Fats wants Ewell to make his girlfriend into a star. Obtaining a $10,000 advance, Miller accepts Fats’ challenge. He celebrates in another nightclub with a band blasting â€Å"Ain’t Gona Cry No More. † Here the lyrics relate to the narrative of the film, the song has just conveyed in simple terms the emotions of Tom Miller. The music also interacts with other aspects of the scene as the band is also playing in the night club whilst Tom Miller dances along. This is one of the main musical features of the film, where the lyrics mimic what a character is feeling or doing. This is also shown in the next scene where diagetic music is used to accompany Jerry walking down a street. On her travels ice melts, milk bottles burst open and reading glasses split as Jerry walks by three men to the title song â€Å"The Girl Can’t Help It†. Again cartoon behaviours appear in this scene. As the song â€Å"The Girl Can’t Help It† appears in the title credits and later in the film, it is functioning as a kind of leitmotiv. Leitmotiv is a Wagnerian term where music refers to other musical events within a film and is memorable because the scene is structured to give a great deal of attention to the music. You read "An Analysis of the soundtrack from â€Å"The Girl Can’t Help It†" in category "Papers" (Schroeder, 2003, p. 75) Theme songs are generally given a high degree of attention and often become attached to a film. This then creates audience connotations where a particular emotion or image becomes attached to a song. Identifying music often marks other features of a film. For instance, setting is often identified by quoted source music. Here the connotations of Jerry walking down the street are attached to this song as later in time it is used in the film â€Å"Pink Flamingos† (1972) where a transvestite is seen strutting down a street in the same way Jerry did. In the storyline, as a marketing ploy, Miller escorts Jerry on a nightclub crawl, displaying her to bistro managers. Little Richard is seen performing â€Å"Ready, Ready,† plus â€Å"She’s Got It† where Jerry is strutting across the floor to get noticed by the manager. As Richard sings the lyrics â€Å"She’s Got It† the camera cuts between Jerry and the reaction of the manager. The lyrics of â€Å"She’s Got It† act as a narrative to the scene, also the manager mimics it in dialogue and says â€Å"she’s got it all. † Throughout the night many musical acts are shown including The Three Chuckles, featuring Teddy Randazzo, performing â€Å"Lollipop Lies†; Eddie Fontaine performs â€Å"Rock Love†; and Abby Lincon sings the gospel tune â€Å"Spread the Word†. Kassabian stresses the drawbacks of using popular music in films and comments: â€Å"with their range of complete songs used just as they are heard on the radio, they bring the immediate threat of history. (Kasabian, 2001, p. 8-9) However in this particular film that is what was intended, the film acts as a type of historical document. Not many people of the Fifties got to see bands or singers so the cinema created a gateway for rock ‘n’ roll music. Ernest Lindgren in The Art of the Film makes the point that â€Å"The use of well known music is†¦ distracting, and has the additional disadvantage that it often has certain associations for the spectator which may conflict entirely with the associations the producer wishes to establish the film. † (Cited in Flinn, 1992, p. 7) A certain level of distraction occurs in the film as one of the main reasons to see it was for the popular acts and when songs where cut short it left viewers wanting more. The dialogue, visuals and other elements are often scarce when such acts appear on screen, which makes it seem a deliberate ploy for attention to be on the music. The volume of the music is often lowered and the camera cuts to the characters when dialogue starts. The leitmotiv is used again in the film when Miller is in his apartment and he discovers a vision of Julie London (a former love) singing â€Å"Cry Me a River† (1953) which is about a lost love. Miller tries to escape her presence yet she appears wherever he goes but disappears as the music fades. This scene identifies he is in love with Julie London and again the music mimics the emotions of the character. Music used for identification does not always rule out the same music all together. Identifying music can convey or evoke all of the things mentioned in the definition of leitmotiv. The song â€Å"Cry Me a River† appears later in the film where Miller is looking for the hallucination of Julie London but instead sees Jerry. This conveys that the song not only has character recognition but the emotion of love also attached to it. The Girl Can’t Help It presents teenage rock ‘n’ roll in ‘adults only’ venues. In a kind of variety show format, the rock ‘n’ rollers are inserted into the narrative and given their one moment on screen. Interestingly, none of them are integrated into the plot. Stephen Heath, Ed Branigan, and Kristen Thompson have pointed out that in â€Å"historical enquiries on early cinema, color, and animated film, respectively, new technological developments in dominant cinematic representation do not contribute solely to greater â€Å"realistic effect. These inquiries suggest that it is the novelty of the technology that is celebrated for a while. † (Cited in Gorbman, 1997 p. 44) This is clearly the case in this film as many rock films in the Fifties put more emphasis on the use of popular bands to promote the film rather than the greatness of the plot. Kassabian suggests that there are uses of film music that link directly to other musical events. She calls this â€Å"quotation† which is the â€Å"importing of a song or musical text, in part or in whole, into a film’s score. (2001, p. 49) David Shumway has suggested that the roots of these contemporary compiled scores can be found in early rock scores. (Cited in Kassabian, 2001, p. 49-50) In the mid 1950’s teenagers’ tastes in music were introduced as a separate segment of the mainstream, with rock ‘n’ roll being the genre for that taste. The movie producer Samuel Z. Arkoff states â€Å"the oddity was that old people were afraid of rock ‘n’ roll†¦ I don’t know why but all adults thought that rock ‘n’ roll was immoral. † (Coleman, 1997, p. 41) The Girl Can’t Help It contributed to changing this, perhaps half of the featured performances such as Little Richard, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and the Coasters are concessions to the teenage audience; the remainder Ray Anthony, Julie London, and Abby Lincoln are for the adults’ tastes. The film premiered â€Å"attracting a large adult audience, the movie gave the much maligned rock ‘n’ roll some respectability, though Films in Review it called it â€Å"a showcase for the leading purveyors of the jungle caterwauling known as ro ck ‘n’ roll, and†¦ hereby a cultural debilitator our descendants won’t forgive us for†Ã¢â‚¬  (Coleman, 1997, p. 141) The Girl Can’t Help It showed that Hollywood was taking rock ‘n’ roll seriously. In conclusion, the music was not only used to set the right ‘mood’ using the composed score but to also set the scene with the compiled. Caryl Flinn suggests music reveals glimpses of a better, more unified world. It allows film to open doors to exotic locations and fantasy. It can also capture a sense of lost integrity and grandeur. 1992) As the film features mostly popular and jazz acts of the Forties and Fifties, Billboard reported on July 15 that the film â€Å"may lend an aura of rock ‘n’ roll† to the movie. (Cited in Cloeman, 1997, p. 164) However the films reality is partly distorted from using such functions as ‘mickey-mousing’ and ‘paralleling’ yet the style of music does reflect the genre of the film. The storyline and music attracted both teenagers and adults by bringing adult themes and popular culture together, and portraying it in a way they could both enjoy. This was uncommon in the Fifties and Tashlin used Little Richard’s music to â€Å"send up American attitudes towards sexuality and racism. † (White, 2003, p. 81) This film most probably would not have been a success without the rock ‘n’ roll. Gorbman suggests that an argument runs that â€Å"sound, in the form of music, gave back to those â€Å"dead† photographic images some of the life they lost in the process of mechanical reproduction† (1997, p. 39) and in this case the film would be ‘dead’ without the popular acts. Leonard B. Meyer argues â€Å"while the image itself is relevant to the music, the significance that it has for the particular individual is purely personal. (Cited in Kassabian, 2001, p. 56) Not only has the soundtrack shown clear musical technical advancements, but it also has a higher role to play in social advancements. It helps adults to understand the preferences of teenagers and offers a common ground between the two age groups. Rock ‘n’ roll films also have a deeper meaning and start to touch on racial inequality by including black musicians as America’s popular culture. How to cite An Analysis of the soundtrack from â€Å"The Girl Can’t Help It†, Papers

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The Innovative New 3D Tech Behind James Camerons Avatar free essay sample

James Cameron used innovative technology and cutting-edge digital effects to create the film Avatar. He is an award-winning director, producer, and screenwriter. James Cameron developed the fusion camera system used in shooting the three dimension effects in Avatar. James Cameron used innovative technology and cutting-edge digital effects to create the film Avatar. He had the idea of Avatar for 10 years before he could make it into a film; he had to wait for technology to catch up to his vision. Cameron was always fascinated by science fiction and he got many of the ideas for the movie from books he read when he was a child. After writing the film James disappeared from the publics’ eye. He is an avid diver, so during his hiatus he went on deep ocean expeditions where he made a number of documentaries, before returning to filming Avatar.James Cameron used innovative technology and cutting-edge digital effects to create the movie Avatar. We will write a custom essay sample on The Innovative New 3D Tech Behind James Camerons Avatar or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The movie took a total of four years to make, but for the first eighteen months James worked on the creation of the plants, costumes, vehicles, weapons, and the creatures. James Cameron used innovative technology and cutting-edge digital effects to create the film Avatar. It took James years to develop the motion capture technology needed to bring the characters of Avatar to life. He had to figure out how to make what the actors did to 100 percent translate to what you see the characters doing. James came up with the idea of attaching a tiny camera to a fish pole, called a boom that would measure the actor’s face while they worked. The camera captured how their lips, facial muscles and eyes moved.Brown-Dariah Pg. 2James Cameron used innovative technology and cutting-edge digital effects to create the film Avatar. He was the mastermind behind this movie, he created, wrote and selected the actors he wanted to play each role. He was hands-on with the whole process of making this film. He wanted to create the sense of wonder he felt when writing it. James built a camera that weighed about 28lbs for the sheer purpose of getting real-time approximations of the digital imagery to blend in with the live action footage of the actors.In conclusion, James Cameron used innovative technology and cutting-edge digital effects to create the film Avatar. He is an award-winning director, producer, and screenwriter. James Cameron developed the fusion camera system used in shooting the three dimension effects in Avatar.

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The Birth of Computer Programming essays

The Birth of Computer Programming essays In a world of men, for men, and made by men, there were a lucky few women who could stand up and be noticed. In the early nineteenth century, Lovelace Augusta Byron King, Countess of Lovelace, made her mark among the world of men that has influenced even todays world. She was the Enchantress of Numbers and the Mother of Computer Programming. The world of computers began with the futuristic knowledge of one Charles Babbage and one Lady Lovelace, who appeared to know more about Babbages Analytical Engine than he himself knew. At the time of Lovelaces discoveries, women were only just beginning to take part in the scientific world, and her love of mathematics drove her straight into the world of men. Her upbringing, her search for more knowledge, her love of mathematics, and her inherited writing abilities brought to life what we know today as computer programming or computer science. Lovelace Augusta Byron was born to the famous British poet George Gordon Byron (Lord Byron), and Anne Isabella Milbanke on December 10, 1815. Her parents marriage lasted the short time of one year, and one month after Lovelace was born, Lord Byron left. From that point in time until her death, Lovelaces life was governed by her domineering mother. As a child, Lovelaces tutors and governesses were all instructed to teach her the discipline of mathematics and music in such a way that Lovelace would never find the love of writing that her father possessed. For fear that Lovelace would develop the same mood swings and torments that her father had, Lovelace was not allowed to really read her fathers poetry. There were claims that Annabella, as her mother was called, kept Lord Byrons poetry in a case that Lovelace could access at anytime. She was even encouraged to read the poetry later on in life, but the discipline, as Annabella called it, of mathematics had ...

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Subtle Racism and the Problems It Poses

Subtle Racism and the Problems It Poses When some people hear the word racism, the subtle forms of bigotry known as racial microaggressions dont come to mind. Instead, they imagine a man in a white hood or a burning cross on a lawn. In reality, most people of color will never encounter a Klansman or be casualties of a lynch mob. They wont even be killed by police, although blacks and Latinos are frequent targets of police violence. Members of racial minority groups are much more likely to be the victims of subtle racism, also known as everyday racism, covert racism or racial microaggressions. This sort of racism has a damaging effect on its targets, many of whom struggle to see it for what it is. So just what is subtle racism? Defining Everyday Racism A study conducted by San Francisco State Universitys (SFSU) Professor Alvin Alvarez identified everyday racism as subtle, commonplace forms of discrimination, such as being ignored, ridiculed or treated differently. Explains Alvarez, a counseling professor, These are incidents that may seem innocent and small, but cumulatively they can have a powerful impact on an individuals mental health. Annie Barnes further illuminates the matter in her book Everyday Racism: A Book for All Americans. She identifies such racism as a virus of sorts exhibited in the body language, speech and isolating attitude of racists, among other behaviors. Due to the covertness of such behaviors, victims of this form of racism may struggle to determine for certain if bigotry is at play. Examples of Racial Microaggressions In Everyday Racism, Barnes tells the story of Daniel, a black college student whose apartment building manager asked him not to listen to music on his earphones while strolling the premises. Supposedly other residents found it distracting. The problem? Daniel observed that a white youth in his complex had a similar radio with earphones and that the supervisor never complained about him. Based on their fears or stereotypes of black men, Daniels neighbors found the image of him listening to earphones off-putting but made no objections to his white counterpart doing the same thing. This gave Daniel the message that someone with his skin color must adhere to a different set of standards, a revelation that made him uneasy. While Daniel acknowledged that racial discrimination was to blame for why the manager treated him differently, some victims of everyday racism fail to make this connection. These people only invoke the word racism when someone blatantly commits a racist act such as using a slur. But they may want to rethink their reluctance to identify something as racist. Although the notion that talking about racism too much makes matters worse is widespread, the SFSU study found the opposite to be true. Trying to ignore these insidious incidents could become taxing and debilitating over time, chipping away at a persons spirit, Alvarez explained. Ignoring Certain Racial Groups Ignoring people of certain races is another example of subtle racism. Say a Mexican American woman enters a store waiting to be served, but the employees behave as if shes not there, continuing to rifle through store shelves or sorting through papers. Soon afterward, a white woman enters the store, and the employees immediately wait on her. They help the Mexican American woman only after they wait on her white counterpart. The covert message sent to the Mexican-American customer? Youre not as worthy of attention and customer service as a white person is. Sometimes people of color are ignored in a strictly social sense. Say a Chinese American man visits a mostly white church for a few weeks but each Sunday no one talks to him. Moreover, few people even bother to greet him. Meanwhile, a white visitor to the church is invited out to lunch during his very first visit. Churchgoers not only talk to him but supply him with their phone numbers and email addresses. In a matter of weeks, hes thoroughly enmeshed in the churchs social network. The church members may be surprised to learn that the Chinese American man believes he was the victim of racial exclusion. After all, they just felt a connection with the white visitor that they lacked with the Chinese American man. Later, when the topic of increasing diversity at the church comes up, everyone shrugs when asked how to attract more parishioners of color. They fail to connect how their coldness to the people of color who do occasionally visit makes their religious institution unwelcoming to them. Ridiculing Based on Race Subtle racism not only takes the form of ignoring people of color or treating them differently but of ridiculing them. But how can ridicule from race be covert? Gossip writer  Kitty Kelleys unauthorized biography  Oprah  is a case in point. In the book, the talk show queens  looks  are excoriated- but in a particularly racialized way. Kelley quotes a source who says: Oprah without hair and makeup is a pretty scary sight. But once her prep people do their magic, she becomes super glam. They narrow her nose and thin her lips with three different liners†¦and her hair. Well, I cant even begin to describe the wonders they perform with her hair. Why does this description reek of  subtle racism? Well, the source isnt just saying she finds Oprah unattractive without the help of a hair and makeup team but criticizing the blackness of Oprahs features. Her nose is too wide, her lips are too big, and her hair is unmanageable, the source asserts. Such features are all commonly associated with  African Americans. In short, the source suggests that Oprah is mainly unattractive because shes black. How else are people subtly ridiculed based on race or national origin? Say an immigrant speaks English fluently but has a slight accent. The immigrant may encounter Americans who always ask that he repeat himself, talk to him loudly or interrupt him when he tries to engage them in a discussion. These are racial microaggressions that send a message to the immigrant that hes unworthy of their conversation. Before long, the immigrant may develop a complex about his accent, even though he speaks fluent English, and withdraw from conversations before hes rejected. How to Cope With Subtle Racism If you have proof or a strong hunch that youre being treated differently, ignored or ridiculed based on race, make it an issue. According to Alvarez study, which appears in the April 2010 issue of the  Journal of Counseling Psychology, men who reported incidents of subtle racism or confronted those responsible, lowered amounts of personal distress while boosting self-esteem. On the other hand, the study found that women who disregarded incidents of subtle racism developed increased levels of stress. In short, speak out about racism in all its forms for your mental health. The Cost of Disregarding Everyday Racism When we think of racism only in extremes, we allow subtle racism to continue wreaking havoc in peoples lives. In an  essay  called Everyday Racism, White Liberals and the Limits of Tolerance, anti-racist activist Tim Wise explains: Since hardly anyone will admit to  racial prejudice  of any type, focusing on bigotry, hatred, and acts of intolerance only solidifies the belief that racism is something out there, a problem for others, but not me, or anyone I know.   Wise argues that because everyday racism is much more prevalent than extreme racism, the former reaches more peoples lives and does more lasting damage. Thats why its important to make an issue out of racial microaggressions. More than racial extremists, Im more concerned about the 44 percent (of Americans) who still believe its all right for white homeowners to discriminate against black renters or buyers, or the fact that less than half of all whites think the government should have any laws to ensure equal opportunity in employment, than I am about guys running around in the woods with guns, or lighting birthday cakes to Hitler every April 20th, Wise says. While racial extremists are no doubt dangerous, they are largely isolated from most of society. Why not focus on tackling the pernicious forms of racism that affect Americans regularly? If awareness about subtle racism is raised, more people will recognize how they contribute to the problem and work to change. The result? Race relations will improve for the better.

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Analyze Text from New Testament Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Analyze Text from New Testament - Essay Example Applied at a wider scale of religious purview, the troubles of life are often compared to the storms of a sea that can arrive without prior awareness and indicate certain doom. A storm represents various difficulties that individuals are facing in their daily life. In such a situation, the storm seems no less than an evil and its short but significant battle with Jesus portraying a ‘combat myth’, to that of the ‘cosmic battle’ between good and bad – God and Satan. Nonetheless, such situations help an individual to increase faith in God, which further indicates ‘dualism’ signifying both good and bad. Correspondingly, religious implications of this text are undoubtedly important in the life of any individual (Bible Gateway, 1989). The trip across the sea represents a classroom where Jesus teaches a lesson on faith to His disciples. Jesus suggests to His followers to move from one corner of the sea to the opposite shore. This particular text in Mark signifies the eternal emphasis of Christianity on the importance of Faith, especially when considering the cosmic battle of the Evil and the God. As per the religious belief persistent, Evil is always in an attempt to influence the followers of God and distract them from their devised path of rightness, morality and eternal peace. It is likely that evil shall win if the followers lack faith in God that He would protect them even if He were asleep with closed eyes and rested hands on a cushion. Followers need to believe that they are in safe hands, provided they offer themselves to the God with all their soul and have trust in Him. It is thus that Jesus said, â€Å"Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith† (Harland, 2006). The text also suffices another key belief of Christianity that evil can bear any face or identification. It is its intention to destruct what has been created by God, which can only help to identify the evil. Even in this text, Mark indicates Satan in the face of