Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Gel point and fractal microstructure of incipient blood clots are Essay

Gel point and fractal microstructure of incipient blood clots are significant new markers of hemostasis for healthy and anticoagulated blood - Essay Example This way, the study aimed at investigating the value of dimension Df that characterized incipient clots formed in unadulterated blood samples, which were extracted from healthy participants. This was with a view to establish a â€Å"healthy index† which was to be used in representing a value of an incipient clot microstructure in terms of fractal dimension, and to further manipulate a healthy blood using unfractionated heparin. It also aimed at comparing any change in Df against standard thromboelastography (TEG) and laboratory coagulation markers. The subjects were divided into two groups: the healthy group and the Anticoagulant group. For the healthy group, strict exclusion criteria ensures healthy volunteers who were on antiplatelet or anticoagulant therapy, and those with a family or personal history of thromboembolic disease, and any acute disease, hepatic, renal dysfunction, or cancer were eliminated. This group consisted of 23 women, and 29 men totalling to 52 healthy patients. The mean age for the subject of this group was 33.6 years. On the other hand, the anticoagulant group had 38 healthy adults: 13 women, 25 men, and a mean age 25.2 years. In studying the impact of inhibiting production of thrombin on an incident clot, volumes (>10 uL) of unfractionated heparin were added to a volume of 20 mL of blood in vitro. The resulted in the production of an effective Antifactor (Xa) concentration ranging from 0.05 to 0.08 IU/mL. To minimize any dilution effect, a small volume of heparin was added to a larger volume of blood. The unfractionated heparin was altered to prolong activated partial thromboplastin to the range corresponding to the 0.3 to 0.7 U/mL of heparin. For analysis purposes 4 ml aliquots of blood was extracted from a sample for full blood count analysis including a platelet count. Samples were collected into full-draw dipotassiu, ethlenediamitetraacetic acid vacuattes. The Sysmex XE 2100 was used to analyse FBC. In the Rheometry, aliquots

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