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Westen Civilization. Christianity, ts rise and development within the Essay

Westen Civilization. Christianity, ts rise and development within the Roman Empire - Essay Example The period of civilization was marked by emergence of certain events such; fall of Romans empire, decline in population size in rural areas as most people migrates towards the cities. Additionally, the story expounds the issue of customary as well as providing a sharp insight of ideas, peoples and their cultural change over the past years (Hunt, PP 9-15). Western civilization had been broadly divided into subsection namely; civilization of the ancient world, civilization in the Mediaeval; periods as well civilization of early modern society (Hunt, Para 4). In above connection, the study will focus on the onset of western society since the earlier periods up to 17th century by scrutinizing on various changes in religion and culture (Hunt, Para-1).Therefore, this study will provide a sharp insight on how western civilization affected the rise and development of Roman Empire. Additionally, the study will provide an explanation of how Christianity was influenced by Romans Religious pract ices as well as the most important elements of conversation of the empire to Christianity. How was Christianity affected by its rise and development within the Roman Empire? The rise of western civilization affected Christianity within the Romans Empire in numerous ways. For instance, some religious wars erupted as people struggled for power and leadership (Hunt, P-159). A religious war erupted between the Turks and the Holy Roman Empire and another one emerged between Spanish and Muslims. Additionally, another religious war was reported to erupt between missionaries and Hussite (Hunt, P-549).In above connection, the Roman emperor viewed Christianity as a political force that aimed at taking leadership and powers away from him and therefore, Christians were prosecuted during this period of western civilization (Hunt, PP, 549-705).This further led to decline in number of Christians as many people feared to be prosecuted by the Romans government. However, even after medieval era and t he fall of Romans Empire, Christianity continued to prosper and the new leadership that came into place supported Christianity (Hunt, PP, 549-705). Through western civilization; the Roman Empire was able to absorb Christianity despite the fact that there were rivals between Pagans and Christians. For example after the fall of Romans Empire, Christianity becomes fully dominant within the Empire (Hunt, PP, 605). This further led to the development of Romans Catholic church which later established its roots in various parts of the world (Hunt, PP 549-705). In above connection, it can be scrutinized that western civilization affected Christianity in the manner in which people believed in God, this in turn affected the Romans Empire as people started believe that there was only one God unlike before when they used to believe in existance of numerous gods (Hunt, P-608). This indicates that Western civilization brought a transition on the way people perceived God. They moved from Polytheis m to Monotheism (Hunt, P-704). In above connection, through western civilization Christians within the Roman Empire were able to become united. For example, after the fall of previous leadership, Emperor Constantine who took over the leadership saw the church as one of the most significant unifying factors. He therefore used the church to unite the people by bringing people from different cultural and religious background together (Hunt, P-625). According to Emperor Constantine, the church could not unify the empire at that time but could have helped to unify the people and this could have made his leadership a beat easier (Hunt, P- 549). He

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