Sunday, July 28, 2019

Company Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Company Report - Essay Example To prove the point, the example of Microsoft may be analyzed since it is comparatively easier to compile data owing to the transparency policy of the organization; whereby all reports and strategy objectives alongside other company deliverables are available on request. Similarly, field data may also be gathered due to research-friendly policy of the organization. Microsoft offers a diverse range of information technology applications in the ever changing industry where innovation and globalization drives the business. In this context, Microsoft is aiming at performing on a scale where digital experience for the users enhances and technology becomes more intuitive to suit the needs of humans. However, the technology outcomes have been compromised to some extent, especially with reference to newer versions of technology like cloud computing since the customers fail to encourage the sales by denying on licensing the products. This has, however, more to do with the competition where oth er smaller companies are reaching out to the clientele base with products which don`t need to be licensed since their revenue generation base differs from that of Microsoft. In this context, various recommendations can be made to Microsoft in order to improve their performance against the set objectives. To elaborate on the company`s performance, the objectives need to be discussed first. An analysis of the company`s various reports as well as on first hand interaction with various stakeholders in the company, five major objectives may be concluded; though in originality, there are a wide range of objectives set by the company. Following are five of these objectives, which seem to be gauging the major chunk of preferences of Microsoft; Establishing windows as the central platform for the entire ecosystem of the information technology world, where developers` needs may be in sync with the needs of the newer

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