Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Course work Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 6

Course work - Coursework Example The same actions that might be considered right in one single society may be unacceptable in another. Ethical deliberations helps to identify and try to understand any ethical obstacles. It is a person’s method of processing what is right or wrong in order to make a decision in order to take an action. A person will take into account their own values and beliefs, their emotions, and also ideas and principles. An individual will then undergo deliberation in which they process that information in a certain situation and even consider any other points of view. A person must use maturity and reasonable when coming to a conclusion during this process. A person must identify an ethical dilemma, consider their own emotions and beliefs, and then determine an action that the individual believes to be ethical. 2. Moral development is a way that a person’s morals and principles on how to treat one another and react to certain situations based on their growth. It is a process that occurs from infancy and throughout adulthood. Lawrence Kohlberg had a set of six stages to define moral development. The first two stages are under the label of preconventional morality and stage one is obedience and punishment. It is the first stage in moral development and applies to young children though some adults also may use this type of reasoning. It is at this stage that a child sees rules as something that is fixed and they follow the rules in order to avoid being punished. In stage 2, individualism and exchange, it is when a child considers their individual ideas and make a decision based on how it will benefit themselves. In the second level considered conventional morality, stage 3, interpersonal relationships refers to being a good boy or good girl. At this stage, a person wants to be nice and their actions are based on how it may affect relationships. A person is also concerned with expectations and roles of their peers. In stage 4, maintaining

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