Friday, October 18, 2019

Leadership and Organizational Behavior Assignment

Leadership and Organizational Behavior - Assignment Example As such, national labor policies are often translated in corporate policies that regulate human capital with sensitivity to these personal and professional goals of each worker. Business managers must make it as a corporate policy to uphold diversity to recognize the different capacities, competences and skills of these employees. Through that, management can systematize performance to attune these all to corporate goals and objectives. If all workers are nurtured by management to be goal-oriented and to be proficient in their tasks, albeit personal and motivational differences, it is perceived that the corporation would likely earn high achievement level (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2010). This is possible if the company was able to harness the participation of the employees in decision-making and in sharing them incentives as reward for great performance. It’s also helpful for the company if its sensitive to business ethics. This calls for management leadership that can help provid e direction to workers on what is relevant; regulate to boost their efforts and motivation; offering reward to the nature of persistence illustrated by employees; and ability to formulate strategic business plans that is contributory to the goals of the company. AllState Insurance Company, for instance, demonstrated their competence to understand and maximize diversity as how they made it as a policy to maximize it for corporate competitiveness (p. 215). This strategy is helpful for organizational internal development and for external relations with its diverse customers. AllState Company with 36,000 employees, have undertaken the following steps to cultivate competitive advantage using diversity: a. Succession Programming – the company accommodated employees with diverse motivation for professional development and enthusiasm for opportunities. As such, they employed women employees and those which came from other nations, including those who came from ethic communities but w ith high educational attainment. b. Development—All employees of AllState underwent career development training o improve their skills and competence. They can opt for more education or through mentoring, coaching or training (p. 215). c. Measurement- The company also enforce Diversity Index assessment which contain quarterly Leadership Measurement System (QLMS) to ascertain their quality service to their diverse customers; to determine their ethical behaviors at work albeit diverse personalities; and about how they gravitate in the workplace with mutual trust among co-employees and managers (p. 216); d. Accountability and Reward—AllState used the Diversity Index as one of the bases to determine compensation to encourage employees to maintain commitment and their responsibilities to contribute to corporate goals (p. 216). It also affords benefits to proficient workers and incentives through free services (p. 216). 2. Discuss how organizational policies and procedures c an impact organizational ethics. Organizational policies and procedures are essential in the upholding and promotion of organizational ethics of a corporation. Policies are internal regulations made by the company in consonance to corporate codes and labor laws that are imperative in strategically directing the goals and performance

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