Thursday, October 17, 2019

Probation and Parole vs. Incarceration - Cost Comparison Essay

Probation and Parole vs. Incarceration - Cost Comparison - Essay Example This may be due to some reasons which, for instance, may include some probationers may have committed a minimal offense which is not severe (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2015). Parole on the other hand, refers to law offenders who are conditionally released from prison to serve the remaining term of their sentence in the community. The offenders may be released by a parole board decision (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2015). According to the research done in 2008, the mean cost of incarceration was over $23,000 per inmate in the United States. The correctional spending by local and state governments was approximated to have been 52 billion dollars. These costs arose upon conviction and subsequent imprisonment for parole prisoners. 35 percent of the 1.4 million convicts imprisoned in the jails and state prisons are imprisoned for parole violations. This was according to the department of justice in the United States (Criminal Justice Section, 2012). Increase in prison population has grown enormously leading to sanction of state budgets. Therefore the state needs more effective correction policies. For instance, individuals who pose the greatest threat to the community should be sentenced to imprisonment but alternatives such as early freedom should be given to the individuals who pose minimal risks. They can greatly benefit from outside rehabilitation efforts posted in correctional institution. Individuals who post low-risks to the community should not be put in incarceration. When this is done, the individual is separated from family life; work and offenly fail to address the issues that caused initial violations (Criminal Justice Section, 2012). So, the individuals who face parole and probation benefit from transitional sanction such as fines, home detention, and community service or increased reporting. The state of Maryland, for instance, had to deal with considerable budget

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