Saturday, October 5, 2019

Please see uploaded outline Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Please see uploaded outline - Research Paper Example These private hospitals have an added benefit of being on schedule in providing training that meets the medical requirements of the next generation. To this end, senior healthcare professionals, other than their career function as medical practitioners, have an obligation, or choice, of teaching in hospital training institutions. Private hospitals are for-profit entities with stakeholders upholding a valid expectation of getting a return on their investment. In this regard, private hospitals expect value for money. As such, senior health professionals, who wish to join these hospitals, must demonstrate a sense of unwavering commitment to their duty. In spite of the foregoing, doctors will more often than not take up teaching jobs on a part-time basis. Essentially, it is a delicate balance in how such professionals split their time and resources. As consultants, they inevitably provide services in multiple entities. The latter could be the concern of private hospitals, that such professionals are not be fully committed to meeting the obligations, objectives, and mission of private hospitals. The essence of the discussion presented here is to highlight and analyze the various predictors to this concern. Private hospitals have to lay down organizational and structural frameworks and processes that support their mission and objectives. Essentially, this calls for building sustainable and well-coordinated teams. However, senior health professionals are leaders in their own right, and have considerable leeway as to how they utilize their time and resources. A leadership initiative to establish effective working teams is a fundamental ingredient that determines the quality of medical care provided by private hospitals (Riley, Davis, Miller, Hansen, Sainfort, & Sweet, 2011). To this end, it is mandatory for the leadership to undertake deliberate initiatives to develop common values and objectives, by providing a framework where teams

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